UK 48-Hour NOTAMs for iPhone and Android

Preview screenshots of this iPhone, Android and Amazon Kindle 3G web application displaying a UK 48-Hour Warning and Restriction NOTAM briefing.

From your iPhone or Android browser, visit

From the Kindle browser, visit

Desktop browsers are redirected back to this preview page. Note that iPhone users may follow the instructions in the ‘Help’ page to install a Home Page link, Android users will shortly have a free launcher icon for the application available from the App Market, or may use the ‘BetterBookmarks’ application.

As with all third-party UK NOTAM tools, the usual caveats apply – you should visit the AIS website or phone the AIS information line for an approved briefing.



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6 Responses to “UK 48-Hour NOTAMs for iPhone and Android”

  1. ian nayler Says:

    How can i download this app – goes nowhere near a purchase site and Aple websites can’t find it … ??

    • metutil Says:

      Hi Ian – the iPhone NOTAM application is a pure web-app, meaning it is implemented entirely in HTML, JavaScript and CSS. If you visit using the Safari browser on your iPhone, the web-app will be loaded (desktop browsers are redirected the the preview pages on this wordpress site, which you’ve probably already discovered). Once the web-app has loaded, I’d recommend adding a Home Screen bookmark (select ‘+’ on the Safari toolbar, and ‘Add to Home Screen’) – this will allow the web-app to run in the full-screen mode it was designed for, once you re-invoke the app from the Home Screen using the installed icon – a small map of the UK.

      Hope this helps,



  2. Mark Says:

    Any chance of adding Palm WebOS support? If it works with Android and iPhone then it must be an even simpler task to get it to work with WebOS. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t work as standard with the android version, but obviously I’m just redirected to the homepage.

  3. damo Says:

    Love the iPhone web-app – well laid out, and the plotting of flypast routes, etc. is excellent. It would be nice to have a single zoomable map as a future version.

  4. Keith Phillips Says:

    Excellent App. Need to get icon for Android phone Asap!

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