Various utilities for UK Sport Aviators – if you have comments or feedback, please use the form below.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Paul Rowley Says:


    Wondered if you were planning to include permanant Danger Areas, such as EGD201, in future as opposed to those under a NOTAM?



    • metutil Says:

      Hi Paul,

      Not sure if you mean on the NOTAM maps or the mobile App?

      I did have plans to add a static airspace overlay to the desktop maps and mobile app which would depict existing airspace objects, including Danger Areas – however, I understand that there may be an officially supported graphical NOTAM interface shortly to emerge from Eurocontrol within the next month or so, which may render some or all of these maps redundant – I’m waiting to see what they come up with before committing any more resource to the project.



  2. RichardL Says:

    Can the NOTAMS be used on an iPad2?


    • metutil Says:

      There is an iPad-specific CSS layout for the iPhone/Android NOTAM web-app, but it rather wastes the large amount of additional space available on the iPad vs. a phone. The Google Maps application aimed primarily at desktop browsers – here http://metutil.appspot.com/static/maps/NotamMap_EGTT_EGPX_2DAY_WR.htm – used the same data feed as the phone apps, and renders reasonably quickly on the iPad 1. The tree-view needs to be re-worked to be more touch-friendly though, will do this in due course.

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