UK 48-Hour NOTAMs for iPhone and Android

January 4, 2010

Preview screenshots of this iPhone, Android and Amazon Kindle 3G web application displaying a UK 48-Hour Warning and Restriction NOTAM briefing.

From your iPhone or Android browser, visit

From the Kindle browser, visit

Desktop browsers are redirected back to this preview page. Note that iPhone users may follow the instructions in the ‘Help’ page to install a Home Page link, Android users will shortly have a free launcher icon for the application available from the App Market, or may use the ‘BetterBookmarks’ application.

As with all third-party UK NOTAM tools, the usual caveats apply – you should visit the AIS website or phone the AIS information line for an approved briefing.



iNotam – Android Screenshot Gallery

January 4, 2010

iNotam – iPhone Screenshot Gallery

January 4, 2010

Utilities for UK Sport Aviation

September 6, 2009
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Currently available:

UK 2-day UK Warning/Restriction Notams

‘W’ and ‘R’ code Notams for EGTT and EGPX plotted for the next two days, rendered as a  cheap and cheerful  Google Map KML overlay. Don’t panic at the initial Big Red Circle overload – try unchecking everything at the top level, and then progressively check individual categories and Notams.  As with any third party Notam application, make sure you visit for your approved, unique briefing ID.

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